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Grading or Landscaping in the City of Brookfield   

The "Brookfield Concept" is to establish and maintain substantial open space around structures, for generous light, air, convenience of access, safety from fire, and the enhancement of property values. Brookfield homeowners are encouraged to maintain their lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers, so as to achieve desired lot definition and privacy, and to avoid the division of open areas by artificial means such as the use of solid fences that result in walled-in yards.  For grading and landcaping projects in Brookfield WI please call Bob's Grading.  Do you have  backyard drainage problems; Bob's Grading can help.  

Grading and Landscaping in Milwaukee 

The City of Milwaukee requires permits for retaining walls and other landscaping projects. Milwaukee encourages homeowners to be good stewards of the land. Proper grading and landscaping can help protect Milwaukee’s water resources. Milwaukee homeowner, Bobs Grading can help you with your grading and landscaping project.

Grading and Landscaping in the City of Muskego 

Bob's Grading works on both new home and existing lot grading, landscaping, and retaining walls in the city of Muskego.  The city of Muskego lakes and natural areas are a big part of the community. Muskego homeowners can grade and landscape their property to protect these vital resources. Grading and landscaping contractors can help install a rain garden or rain containment system to protect the environment.  Permeable pavers for example can help keep fertilizer and chloride runoff from entering Little and Big Muskego lake.

Grading and Landscaping in the City of New Berlin 

The City of New Berlin has rules pertaining to retaining walls and paver patios. Have your grading and landscaping contractor contact the City of New Berlin about your next project. The city of New Berlin welcomes grading and landscaping practices that protect the environment.  Let Bob's Grading help you with your next grading and landscaping project at your New Berlin home.  

Grading and Landscaping in the City of Oconomowoc 

The City of Oconomowoc encourages sustainable grading and landscaping practices to protect the rich water resources so important to area residence and wildlife. Planting trees, installing raingardens, correcting drainage issues can help protect Oconomowoc’s many waterways. Bob’s Grading installs permeable driveways and patios to capture and store rainwater. Bob's Grading uses polymers and straw blankets to help prevent sediment from entering the Oconomowoc environment.

Grading and Landscaping in the City of Pewaukee 

The City of Pewaukee has rich natural history with the scenic beauty of Pewaukee lake and the surrounding landscape. Pewaukee residence can help reduce their environmental impact by practicing sustainable grading and landscaping. Permeable pavements can help Pewaukee residence lessen storm water runoff while still providing lasting beauty and functionality. Let Bob’s Grading help with your next Pewaukee grading and landscaping project.

Grading and Landscaping in the City of Waukesha 

Waukesha City Hall 201 Delafield Street Waukesha, WI 53188 
The City of Waukesha promotes landscaping and grading your property in a way that lessens its impact on the environment. Waukesha has a diverse landscape and is part of the Fox River watershed. If you have a grading, landscaping, or drainage project at your Waukesha home give Bob’s Grading a call for available solutions.  

Grading and Landscaping in the Town of Brookfield 

Brookfield homeowners take pride in the local landscaping throughout the community. Bob’s Grading can help with your next Brookfield grading and landscaping project. Whether you need a new lawn, drainage correction, paver patio or retaining wall Bob’s Grading and Landscaping has the equipment to professionally complete your Brookfield project. 
Brookfield Town Hall 645 N. Janacek Rd.  Brookfield, WI 53045 

Town of Delafield 

Grading and landscaping in the Town of Delafield
Town Hall W302N1254 Maple Avenue Delafield, WI 53018-7000
Delafield “the perfect Environment” is a motto of the residence of Delafield. The Delafield encourages businesses and homeowners to practice sustainable Grading and Landscaping practices. Rain gardens, Vegetative shoreline buffers, and other grading and landscaping practices can help preserve the natural beauty Delafield homeowners admire about the area. Please call Bobs Grading and landscaping for your next Delafield project. Bob’s Grading can install an environmentally friendly Permeable paver patio providing beauty while protecting our rivers and lakes .     

Grading and Landscaping in the Town of Eagle 

Eagle Wisconsin has a rich natural landscape. Eagle residence are good stewards of the land and are encouraged to practice sustainable grading and landscaping practices. Bob’s Grading can help you with your next Eagle Wisconsin Grading and landscaping project. Please remember to protect our rivers and lakes by using permeable pavement systems. Eagle spring lake is a natural wonder of the area and its preservation depends on community involvement.

Town of Genesee

Grading and Landscaping in the Town of Genesee
The Genesee Town Hall S43W31391 Hwy 83, Genesee Depot 53127
Bobs Grading can help with your next Genesee Grading and Landscaping project.
Please click the link for town information. 

Town of Lisbon Grading and  Landscaping

Many Lisbon WI homeowners recommend Bob’s Grading for landscaping, paver patios, and retaining walls.  

Town of Merton Grading and Landscaping

Bobs Grading finish graded and seeded a large number of homes in Merton’s newer subdivisions. Merton residence love a lush green Bob’s Grading lawn.   Merton encourages sustainable landscaping and grading to protect the 5 area lakes within its borders. Permeable paver patios and rain gardens can help manage Merton’s storm water and protect the natural landscape of the town.

Town of Mukwonago Grading and Landscaping 

 The town of Mukwonago is home to an important watershed. Mukwonago residence are encouraged to practice sustainable grading and landscaping practices to protect the Mukwonago River and Phantom Lake.  Bobs Grading can help with your next Mukwonago grading and landscaping project. Ask Bob about environmental friendly ways you can landscape your property.

Town of Oconomowoc Grading and Landscaping

The Town of Oconomowoc is a great place to raise a family and build your dream home. Have Bob’s Grading install your next lawn. Besides grading services, we also build retaining walls and paver patios in Oconomowoc WI.  

Town of Ottawa Grading and Landscaping 

Ottawa Wisconsin was recognized then as a superb place in which to live. It remains so today!
Building a home in Ottawa Wisconsin have Bob’s Grading install your lawn, patio, and retaining wall.  

Town of Vernon Grading and Landscaping

The town of Vernon’s location makes it the perfect place to build a home. Abundant wildlife with its proximity to the Vernon March make this area an outdoor enthusiasts dream. When building a new Vernon home or grading and existing home give Bob’s Grading Inc. a call we can help.

Town of Waukesha grading and landscaping

Bob's Grading can help with your next Waukesha landscaping project.  
The mission and goal of the Town is to provide a semi-rural living environment for the residents and provide necessary services while maintaining a low and affordable tax rate. The Town continues to accomplish this goal through proper land use planning containing the appropriate mix of residential, business, agriculture and open space.  

Village of Big Bend  WI     

The Village of Big Bend is home to many different species of animals. Maintaining and improving their habitats is important to the Village. Not all residents of the Village of Big Bend live indoors! Let’s keep the Village an open and inviting place for all walks of life.  Responsible grading and Landscaping will help protect the Village of Big Bends natural habitat.  Bob's Grading can help with your Big Bend landscaping project.
Wisconsin DNR Wildlife and Habitat Information
Nothing quite compares with the experience of watching a wild animal in its native habitat. Wildlife in its natural setting gives us all something we need: a connection with nature and a sense of wonder, peace and beauty. Please visit the Wisconsin DNR Wildlife and Habitat Page for more information on local species and wildlife/habitat stewardship.  

Village of Butler 

Residents of Butler enjoy a small town feel while maintaining close proximity to major interstates and downtown Milwaukee. Numerous community events such as, the Christmas Parade, Independence Day Parade, softball leagues, and National Night Out are held annually. Home to both significant industrial and retail businesses.  Butler balances commercial and residential interests. Butler’s mix of residential and commercial properties offers residents old and new, and a good place to start and a great place to stay.  Grading or landscaping in Butler WI call Bobs Grading.  

Village of Chenequa

The Village of Chenequa is located in the “lake country” portion of Waukesha County, about 30 miles west of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It completely surrounds the 703 acre Pine Lake, and includes portions of Beaver Lake and North Lake.

Known for its tree lined roads, the Village has been named a “Tree City USA” each year since 1985, and is one of the smallest communities so designated. Land use planning has been a key goal of the Village since its creation. Village zoning requires each non-lake lot to have a minimum of 5 acres, and lake lots require from 2 to 4 1/2 acres depending on lake frontage.

The name “Chenequa” comes from the Potawatomi Indian word for “pine”, referring to a rare Southern Wisconsin grove of white pine. This same stand of white pine can be seen along the Eastern Shore of Pine Lake.

The Village of Chenequa was founded in 1928. The primary motivations to incorporate were to provide fire and police protection, and plan for the orderly growth of the Village while protecting the land and lakes. Since its inception, the Village has been conceived as an exclusively residential community. Current Village zoning code states, “The Village of Chenequa…is intended to be devoted solely to residence purposes so as to afford to its citizens the peace and quiet and restfulness unobtainable in the City.” While this objective is being made more difficult by the explosion of development in the Lake Country generally, the Village remains committed to this concept.    Have Bob's Grading help with your next Chenequa landscaping project.  

Village of Dousman Grading and Landscaping

The Village of Dousman is committed to protecting and enhancing our local waterways. For more information or to see how you can help, please  contact the Village Hall.  Bob's Grading can help with your Dousman grading or landscaping project.  

Village of Eagle 

Located in the beautiful Kettle Moraine in southwest Waukesha County, the Village of Eagle is identified by its smiley faced yellow water tower. Eagle has a history dating back to 1836.
Call Bob's Grading for your next Eagle Wisconsin grading and landscping project.  

Village of Elm Grove 

Twenty-first century residents of Elm Grove take pride in their community’s heritage yet remain concerned about its potential for business growth and development. Best of all, residents are willing to contribute to the village’s overall quality of life via a virtually unequaled collective volunteer spirit.

Our village of tree-lined streets and expansive, well Landscaped yards and gardens is a sanctuary for birds and other wildlife. Here business owners take time to know their customers and treat them like “family.” Here leisurely walks, neighborhood block parties and picnics at the park are not a thing of the past.   Let Bob's Grading Inc. solve your Elm Grove drainage problem.  

Village of Hartland

Hartland continues to offer the charm of a small town where residents take pride in the natural landscape of the community.   Have your property landscaped or graded by Bob's Grading Inc. 

Village of Lac La Belle 

Village of Lac La Belle
PO Box 443
Oconomowoc, WI 53066

Lac La Belle is rich in traditions and home to some of the best landscaped yards.

Village of Lannon 

A Village where citizens live in safety, protected by a police department, with the highest professional and ethical standards.  Lannon stone is an attractive material to build a retaining wall.   Have Bob's Grading complete your next retaining wall project.   

Village of Menomonee Falls 

Menomonee Falls, with its small-town charm, yet modern convenient lifestyle, is located in the northeastern corner of scenic Waukesha county and just northwest of Milwaukee.

Village of Merton 

The Village of Merton Wisconsin is a  community located in the Lake Country area, twenty miles west of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is a quiet area where you can raise your family with a rural landscape; plus, a great place to live for any outdoor enthusiast. There are several parks and lakes that surround Merton, where you can enjoy fishing, biking, hiking and water skiing along with many other activities.  Call Bob's Grading for your next landscaping project.  

Village of Mukwonago Grading and Landscaping

Mukwonago resides at the intersection of life, leisure and economic leadership. Minutes from Milwaukee with convenient access to Chicago and Madison, Mukwonago couples urban amenities with a quaint small-town lifestyle. It’s where open spaces, parks and waterways converge with academic achievement, safe surroundings and economic opportunity.
Bobs Grading your hometown choice for grading and landscaping. 

Village of Nashotah

Village of North Prairie 

Village of Oconomowoc Lake 

Village of Pewaukee 

Vilage of Sussex