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Bob's Grading Video Portfolio

Please take the time to review videos of past projects.  These smart phone captured video clips will give you a sampling of the quality and types of grading and landscaping projects we work on.  

When your ready for your next grading or landscaping project call Bob Grading Inc.

(Pardon the narration by Bob himself.  We provide quality grading services not video production;)


New home finish grading and seeding Sussex WI

By Bobs Grading Inc.    Sussex  WI 

We buried the downspouts on this Sussex home before completing the rough and finish grading.   Seed, fertilizer, and pam 12 errosion polymer was applied to the freshly graded topsoil.   Straw was blown over the lawn to protect the new seed.   We have straw free seeding options available as well as straw errosion blankets depending upon your site conditions.  

Gravel driveway resurfacing Pewaukee WI

By Bobs Grading Inc.    Mukwonago WI

Bobs Grading will resurface you worn gravel driveway with a new layer of crushed stone or recycled asphalt.  Three quarter traffic bond is the most common crushed stone for driveway resurfacing in the Milwaukee area.    

Finish Grading and Seeding 

By Bobs Grading  Cedarburg WI 

This Bobs Grading new construction seeding project in Cedarburg WI show how smooth we grade yards.    Screened topsoil allows Bobs Grading to create smoother yards.  Rock and debris is removed by a screeening process as it is loaded into dump trucks for delivery to our various projects.  

Belgard Paver patios and sitting walls 

By Bobs Grading  Franklin Wisconsin 

Video of Belgard cambridge pavers with Weston seat walls 

Constructed in Franklin WI 

Urbana Paver patios and walkways Elm Grove

By Bob's Grading Inc.   414-750-3002

This Belgard Urbana paver sidewalk and natural lannon steps replaced the  weathered lannon steppers.  

AllanBlock Retaining wall Video

By Bobs Grading Inc.   Milwaukee  WI 

This is a fully engineered retaining wall was installed by Bobs Grading to replace an existing wall.  

Power raking and seed bed preparation Video

By Bobs Grading Inc. Waukesha Wisconsin 

Our power harley box rake removes rocks and provides a perfect seedbed for your new lawn.  

New Berlin Grading and Seeding Video

By Bobs Grading Inc.  New Berlin  Wisconsin 

New Berlin Grading and seeding project.  We have both a straw covering option for new lawn seeding and and straw free method. 

Ask about our straw free lawn option.  

Drainage solutions Menonmonee Falls WI Video

By Bobs Grading Inc.  Menomonee Falls  WI

This customer had a drainage problem Bobs Grading corrected with the addition of a swale and underground drainage system we trenched to the ditch.  You do not have to live with a wet yard.  

Versa-lok Retaining Wall New Berlin 

By Bobs Grading  Mukwonago  Wisconsin 

This Bobs Grading built Versa-lok retaining wall was built in New Berlin WI

Versa-lok is a solid retaining wall unit.   This design allows for one unit construction for walls of all size and shape .  Special corner units are not needed with this clever system 

Railroad tie wall replacement 

By Bob's Grading Inc.   2016

This is a before video of a wall replacement project in Twin Lakes WI

Railroad ties needed to be removed and replaced with Versa-lok retaining wall block.    Old patio block and fire pit was removed to make room for a new Techo-bloc paver patio.  

Bobs Grading Retaining Wall
and paver patio project   2016

By Robert Pfeil 414-750-3002

Bob's Grading  replaced the old tie wall with Versa-lok standard units in the silver color.  This paver patio was constructed with Blue 60 pavers by Techo-Bloc.  Techo-Bloc is available at Champion Brick in New Berlin WI 

Call Bobs Grading for your next project 414-750-3002

Retaining wall and Septic regrade 

By Bob's Grading  Waukesha Wisconsin 

Bobs Grading Waukesha Wisconsin retaining wall and seeding project.  

We handle large and small grading projects.  

Sod service

Elm Grove Wisconsin Bobs Grading  Inc. 

Sod is a great option for quick use of your yard.  

Families with pets and kids love sod 

Shoreline Reconstruction 

By Bob's Grading Inc  Mukwonago  WI     414-750-3002

With WI DNR approval Bob's Grading can add rip rap and restore your lake shoreline.  This project is on Potters Lake  which is near Lake Beulah and Phantom Lake.  

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