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Grading Services 

Want a smooth lawn hire a grading professional.  

When building a new home or renovating your backyard homeowners want smooth yards. We all want to be able to use our lawn for outdoor activities without tripping or stumbling.  
A quality lawn starts with a proper grade from a grading contractor. Landscapers are artisans with plants and design but many do not have the equipment or expertise to create the perfect grade. Grading contractors have bulldozers, track loaders and tractors to level and prepare your yard.


At Bob’s Grading Inc. we believe that the most important factor in establishing a healthy lawn is having the proper amount of topsoil.  Most new subdivisions are stripped of all topsoil and then graded to the meet the drainage goals of the city and the developer.  With this in mind it is important to realize that most city lots will require a topsoil covering of at least 3 to 6 inches for the establishment of a healthy lawn.  Adequate soil will allow for proper root development and reduce watering requirements throughout the growing season.

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