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Bobs Grading Seeding and Sodding Services 

A quality lawn starts with a proper grade from a grading contractor. 

Most lots will require a topsoil covering of at least 3 to 6 inches for the establishment of a healthy lawn.  Adequate soil will allow for proper root development and reduce watering requirements throughout the growing season.  After Bobs Grading establishes your perfect grade its time to seed or sod your yard.  

Bobs Grading tailors a seed and fertilizer blend to match the conditions of your soil and the time of year it is installed.  We cover the seed with a straw covering mulch when seeding during the summer months.  We can chop and blow the straw covering or roll out straw erosion control blankets to protect the new seed.

Want a straw free lawn option?

For spring and falls seeding projects we can replace the straw covering with a product called Pam-12 plus.

ENCAP’s PAM-12® Plus is a temporary soil stabilizer that can be used to reduce the erodibility of soils and improve the establishment of vegetation. 

The highly engineered paper granules are made from recycled paper and act as a visible tracer and a delivery system for ENCAP’s Advanced Soil Technology™ polymers (AST®). PAM-12® Plus is a versatile product that can be dry applied using broadcast spreaders. 

PAM-12® Plus can be applied as a stand-alone product or in combination with straw. 

ENCAP’s Advanced Soil Technology (AST®) is a proprietary blend of biodegradable polymers that act as soil stabilizers when activated by moisture. AST® is an effective stabilizer across a broad range of soil types.

When is the best time to seed in the Milwaukee Waukesha area?

The optimal time for lawn seeding in Wisconsin is rather short. April, through June and Mid August to Mid October is the prime seeding months.

Although Bobs Grading installs lawns all summer mid summer seeding is not recommended for large areas as blue grass is a cool season plant.    

What type of seed will make my lawn look the best? 

 For full sun choose a grass seed blend with at least 50% Bluegrass for the Milwaukee area. This will give you a seed blend that repairs itself when damaged.  
Premium full sun seed blends contain 60 to 80 percent elite bluegrass varieties.  
Shade blends contain fescue which tolerate low light conditions and require less watering. This type of grass does not spread so damaged areas will not fill in and will require periodic reseeding. 

From low maintenance to a deep dark barefoot lawn Bobs Grading can tailor your new lawn to meet your needs.
For instant lawns we sod as well. Customers with pets and active children love our sod option.  

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