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Trenching and Drainage Services 
Bobs Grading we solve water problems

When heavy rain sweeps through South Eastern Wisconsin, homeowners get a wake-up call as to the importance of proper grading. Once the ground becomes saturated rainfall starts to runoff. With proper grading runoff is directed to an appropriate place like a swale, ditch, or municipal catch basin. Improper grading directs the runoff to an undesirable location for example a window well, foundation wall or depression in the yard. The end result is a wet basement or an unusable section of your property. Many times landscaping is to blame with planting beds and mulch creating a damming effect around the house. Plugged gutters and missing downspouts add to the problem. Oftentimes removing overgrown landscaping and creating a drainage swale is all that is needed to correct a residential drainage problem.  Bobs Grading a professional grading contractor with a Topcon Laser can check the soil elevations at key points throughout your property and determine the corrective measures needed to solve even the most complex water problems.  Some property's require a more complex solution.   Maybe even the addition of a catch basin to channel the water away from a low area. 

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